Talent Management Services

Talent Management Services

It takes a talented team to build a talented team. Let Pantheon help you build the team you need to succeed.

Pantheon Odyssey Talent Management Services combines the expertise of our talent recruiters, a deep pool of known talent, and the power of our proprietary Odyssey Talent Management System to find the best candidates for your organization.

Odyssey Talent Management System

The Odyssey Talent Management System records details of customers, positions, candidates, interviews and more. All the stakeholders interact with the system through a simple-to-use web interface. The system sends alerts and notifications to the right parties when it is time for them to act. The entire process stays on track, and no one has to work with outdated status information.

Pantheon Recruitment

Pantheon can find the right candidate for positions in a wide variety of domains. Pantheon handles all initial selection screening for organizational and position suitability, the candidate contact, and secondary screening (including background checks and verifications). All this frees your organization to concentrate on a small number of vital interviews with the right candidates and with a high rate of success.

Pantheon Talent Pools

Through Pantheon, customers get access to a large database of already identified talent in hundreds of disciplines and domains that Pantheon has accrued through past recruitment. Additionally, Pantheon can go beyond this pool though partnerships with other talent services, public-resume search, social media sites, and more to find the candidates best fit to the position.

Private Talent Pools

Customers can set up private talent pools in the system. These private talent pools can include previous employees and contractors (alumni), the retired or semi-retired personnel (annuitants) that hold a lifetime of valuable domain experience, and any other candidate the organization has scouted in the past as a good prospect.

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