Pantheon Odyssey Partner Program

At Pantheon, we understand how important it is to deliver and support integrated end-to-end solutions that provide unparalleled value to our customers. We also recognize the vital role our partners play – which is why our partner program is built on a strong foundation of mutual support and collaboration.

Many highly qualified partners help us deliver unparalleled value to our customers. The results? Wide-ranging access to proven business solutions. Rapid and cost-effective installation and implementation that accelerate ROI. Complete life-cycle support to lower total cost of ownership. And satisfied customers.

Our partners get significant benefits through their association with Pantheon, which provides:

Key Aspects

Partners play a key role in Pantheon’s corporate strategy. Pantheon has worked with partners to develop a strong partner community and provide customers with solutions and services that add value. To that end, Pantheon has established the Partner Program to confirm our commitment to helping partners develop, deliver, and support the solutions that make our mutual customers more successful. Key aspects of the Pantheon Odyssey Partner Program include the following:

Training and certification

Pantheon will provide partners with world-class training and certification programs to help them develop solutions that deliver value to customers. Pantheon will engage with partners early in the development process.

Constant communication

Pantheon is committed to promoting a clear understanding of its internal business processes.

Clear engagement guidelines

Pantheon is committed to developing and continually enhancing clear field engagement guidelines for both Pantheon and partner sales and consulting.

Lead generation

Pantheon is committed to investing in lead-generation programs to promote the success of key strategic partners. Pantheon will pursue marketing opportunities to establish Pantheon and our partners as trusted advisers and ensure that solutions based on Pantheon technology are the first choice among customers.

Partner support

Pantheon is committed to providing appropriate levels of support and resources, based on partner commitment, to enable partners to drive joint success. Pantheon will invest in partnership management resources in key areas such as business development, solution

Our Strategic Partners

Pantheon maintains strategic partnership with many of the industry leaders. The following are some of the companies we have partnered with

Partnership Enquiries