Pantheon Services

Pantheon understands that your challenges have many potential solutions, and that we provide value when we explore the best solution with you. The best solutions balance the needs of your organization and the resources already in place against the scope of the challenge and the timeframe for implementation.

We believe in combining your organization’s core competencies and Pantheon’s portfolio of expertise when we work together to meet your challenges. We provide technology, talent, and services in ways that will fit into your overall IT strategy.

Service Engagement Models

Pantheon supports many different models of service engagement, and will collaborate with you to find the best mix of service-delivery and pricing model to meet your needs.

Centers of Excellence

What differentiates a Center of Excellence from a simple business area? It is the unyielding commitment to build a deep pool of expertise and experts

Offshore Services

Pantheon offshore staff will act as an extension of the customer’s project teams. Customer supervisors and managers are responsible for task allocations, management and scheduling. In some cases, Pantheon staff is engaged both at the customer side and Pantheon offshore delivery centers.