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At Pantheon, we specialize in delivering staffing solutions that are designed to target the talent your organization needs to be successful. Our clients rely on us to present strong, high-caliber candidates for any position, which allows them to build, maintain and retain a strong workforce, decrease costs and improve time to hire and compliance.

Focus Areas

The Pantheon Difference

Streamline Recruitment Processes

An uncoordinated range of recruitment practices across departments causes disruption to your business. Disjointed training and onboarding procedures ultimately leads to higher operational costs. Pantheon can provide your organization with faster time-to-hire while increasing the consistency of quality applicants to consolidate and unify your processes.

Reduce Costs & Risks

Outsourcing the recruitment function to Pantheon allows your business to mitigate risks with support from your recruitment partner. Pantheon can be responsible for efficiently adjusting resource levels to match your business activities, so you do not bear the burden of carrying unnecessary staff, or conversely, being short when greater resources are required.

Improve Candidate Sourcing

With a database of over two million skilled professionals, we ensure that the people you need to drive your business forward are well within reach. From head-hunting, online application, resume sifting and initial interviews, all the way through reference checking, assessment and background checks - our dedicated, local, client service teams have the skills and tools to meet your demand.

Global Reach to Find the Perfect Match

Pantheon provides staffing services to various industries, supporting both a comprehensive contract and permanent staffing models. We are committed to assisting candidates to find great positions as well as helping employers find the talented candidates who can add real value to their business. With our strong network, spanning four continents, we help organizations to identify and attract the key people who will bring a competitive advantage to the team.

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