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Managed IT Infrastructure Services

Managed IT Infrastructure Services play a major role in delivering end-to-end, effective and reliable solutions to address the business needs and technology transformations. The major challenges in a business are managing the pace of technology change, higher infrastructure expenses, scalability, latency and reliability. One of the important business challenges is running IT as a value center rather than a cost center and delivering consistent services.

Pantheon Inc. provides managed infrastructure solutions that are cost effective, reliable and cutting edge across the globe. Our services help businesses to extract maximum value from their IT investments, increase its productivity and efficiency. We also monitor the infrastructure components and take proactive actions to manage and fine tune the infrastructure according to the business needs. We deliver IT managed services using both cloud and traditional technologies

Service Delivery Platform with ITIL standards

Pantheon Inc. provides SLA-based services, high levels of automation, process maturity, sourcing and metrics to help deliver consistent results. We manage IT infrastructure landscape – Servers, Storage, Network, Database, Middleware and Applications. We have built our custom made portals and dashboards to give a single connected view of the Performance, Availability, and Capacity of the IT infrastructure landscape. We also have sophisticated dashboards for IT Support Operations, IT Management, Business Users, Application Owners and End-Users. Along with the traditional managed services model, we also provide incident automation, data center automation and workflow automation.

GNOC (Global Network Operations Center)

Pantheon Inc. has its State Of The Art facility located in India and many other places around the globe. Our GNOC services are delivered from fully ITIL compliant monitors the infrastructure and provides steps for resolution. All our GNOC centers work 24 x 7 and 365 days. Our SMEs are highly trained and certified. Our GNOC centers monitors the infrastructure and provides steps for resolution

Pantheon Inc.’s data center services offers comprehensive data center support to the organizations. It helps to manage IT operations, protect the infrastructure and data of on organization. We work with an aim to help our customers in acquiring reduced overall ownership costs and optimized risks of down time without putting compliance and security requirements on stake.

Whether you need services to host online applications, websites, banking applications, ERP or any other online service that impacts your business productivity, we have the right solutions for your needs.

For high availability of services and business continuity, organizations must require a comprehensive IT Disaster Recovery plan as a critical requirement. Pantheon offers well designed Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan that will aid the organizations to safeguard their customer data, business outages, downtimes and data security.

Given the high completion is today’s business, reducing of costs, enhancing performance and increasing flexibility is mandatory as that can ensure profitability to the business. Visualization brings huge cost saving to the organizations, develops more flexibility and reduces the number of servers that are used in the organization. Essentially visualization improves the organizations’ efficiency and ensures the availability of IT resources based on the demand.

Cloud Computing Services

Implementing our cloud technologies can increase flexibility and business scalability

Cloud computing also brings real and immediate value to your business by removing the traditional barriers like capital expenditure and protracted IT project timelines reliability. Cloud computing can help to lower the ownership cost and work on an OPEX based pricing model which is flexible and leads to a very cost-effective and agile IT infrastructure.

We will assist with all of your cloud services. We can lead your strategy and roadmap for leveraging your existing or new cloud technologies that include initial plan and design, development, deployment, migration and maintenance services. We will assist you in your migration to the cloud, with the ultimate goal to cut costs and help you focus on your core business.

BIG DATA Services

In general, Big data is nothing but extremely large data that may be analyzed to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, relating to human behavior and interactions. With the rapid growth of emerging digital Big Data offering technologies, it is imperative for organizations to find innovative new approaches and technologies that will position you ahead of your competitors. Utilizing Big Data requires transforming your information infrastructure into a more flexible, distributed, and open environment.

We have technical expertise to work on Hadoop, SAP Hana tools. Our expertise can handle a wide range of technology platforms that a big data initiative ranging from capture, store, process and analysis will require. With Our comprehensive set of big data services will help you generate actionable insights from your big data initiatives.

Our Customers

Pantheon has provided services to Energy, Trading, Financial, Banking, Utilities, Computer Networking and Communications industries since 1997.

Customer Focused Practices

Every project is mission critical to our customers, and we believe that keeping the customer informed every step of the way is primary to achieving the right results for the customer.

Software Development Practices

Our practices and systems are optimized to meet the demand for faster delivery at every step in a project lifecycle.

Pantheon’s software development and management practices help customers achieve faster time to market at lower costs. We are equipped with mature processes that ensure on-time delivery of projects using proven tools, project management models, plans and project documentation methodologies. Years of experience has helped us understand th synthesis of people , technology and processes to assist our customers in meeting business goals. Our project management and software development life cycle, and deliver measurable results for our customers.