SAP Services

SAP Services

Pantheon Inc.’s SAP enterprise solutions are specifically designed to help our clients create special capabilities, simplify complex processes and establish a unique formula for success. We understand that organizations require management processes to translate business requirements into reality and thus it is crucial to choose a partner who has both industry experience and technical expertise.

We help our customers to leverage the scope of SAP applications and enable them to become more productive and innovative.

Analytics - SAP

Real-time analytics can enable our Client’s decision makers from the business center to the corner office with contextual insight which is real-time. With SAP business analytics we let you can experience the opportunity of big-data by accessing information anywhere, adapting to changing market conditions and more accurately predicting business returns. We have provide consultation and solutions to achieve the real-time analytics by applying the below

SAP BusinessObjects BI

SAP Lumira

SAP Crystal Solutions

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation

Applications – SAP

We have business applications to empower innovation across our Customer’s business with integrated business software from SAP. We have solutions to achieve our customer’s needs starting from a casual user to a business user. We have trained advisors and consultants who can help our Clients by using the below mentioned SAP tools.

SAP Business One

SAP Business All-in-One

SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA


We can empower business needs with scalability and high performance to use real-time analytics and big data using our database technologies. Our database technology using SAP along with our custom applications, our solution can help with decision making and increasing the efficiency. Some of the niche areas we consult are as below




Cloud – SAP

Pantheon Inc. and SAP jointly can enable our Clients to very efficient using the mobile technology and cloud computing. We have done our research and we have expertise to provide consultation to our clients using the below SAP solutions.

SAP Cloud for Customers

SAP Cloud for Social Engagement

SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense

HCM Suite

SAP HANA Cloud Platform

We provide consultation and services using SAP services using cloud based SAP HANA. This gives ultimate sophistication and simplicity across the line of business. This service can enable our customers to have the ability to connect anything to any app or business process in their company and business network. The most significant use of SAP HANA platform is that the Private cloud deployments can enable SAP customers to run their own device cloud or to operate a device cloud for their customers. All of our customer’s machine assets can communicate in real-time using the SAP HANA solution.

SAP Business Consulting

SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management) Services

Using SAP SCM, we enable our customers to use IoT(Internet of things), RFID and analytics to run a real-time supply chain. This comes with comprehensive features to manage to Supply Chain needs end to end. The SCM tools can help to minimize the risks and variability by optimizing the inventory. This will help our customers to access the pool of data available and have visibility of the inventory and stock.

SAP Global trade services

This will help our customers to enable cross- border supply chain management. This is the key function to empower and ease the function of global trade. Our services can help the customers to protect their company’s image by avoiding trade with denied parties.

SAP Advanced Planning & Optimization (APO)

SAP APO acts as a main tool for assessment of demand and supply planning. This helps to optimize demand and supply planning using the Hub (SNC- Supply network collaboration). We have proven skills to incorporate this functionality for our customers.

SAP Extended Warehouse Management / Warehouse Management (EWM)

We can help our customers transform their operations and increase their warehouse house efficiency using the EWM solution. This can control and manage the trailers in the yard. The ultimate goal using this tool is to transform normal warehouse operations to a full-fledged supply chain used for fulfillment. We have expertise to do the consolation and enable the EWM features for our customers.

SAP Transport Management (TM)

This is a tool that supports our customers in all kinds of physical transportation of goods from one location to another. The features of TM can majorly cover order processing, freight bookings. Select carriers, dispatch, monitor the transportation, calculates taxes and other charges. This will help to optimize the costs by helping us determine the available resources. We have expertise in incorporating this feature with our customer’s existing business.

SAP SCM Event Management

This specially designed tool can track and control the business processes. This will trigger notifications and alerts when there are events that are expected. This can integrate with any SAP system or a non-SAP system and tracks all the expected and unexpected events and sends alerts. This will sync with EWM and TM systems to have a real-time connection to the business process. Our team of SAP experts can help our customers build this functionality.

SAP Forecasting and Replenishment for Retail (SAP F&R)

With all the advance features, this tool can optimize the fulfillment rate with its replenishment capabilities. This will work with the supply chain and ensures that the replenishment happens based on the forecast produced from the data that this tool tracks. We have expertise in enabling this feature.

SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM)

SAP SRM powered by SAP HANA can help our customers to automat, and accelerate their procure-to-pay processes for goods and services. This will bring more visibility over the supplier relationship and performance. SRM tool enables our customers to standardize the purchasing of their goods and services using its built in features and collaboration with other modules of SAP. Our experts can build this feature as part of our customer’s business needs and efficiency.

Our Customers

Pantheon has provided services to Energy, Trading, Financial, Banking, Utilities, Computer Networking and Communications industries since 1997.

Customer Focused Practices

Every project is mission critical to our customers, and we believe that keeping the customer informed every step of the way is primary to achieving the right results for the customer.

Software Development Practices

Our practices and systems are optimized to meet the demand for faster delivery at every step in a project lifecycle.

Pantheon’s software development and management practices help customers achieve faster time to market at lower costs. We are equipped with mature processes that ensure on-time delivery of projects using proven tools, project management models, plans and project documentation methodologies. Years of experience has helped us understand th synthesis of people , technology and processes to assist our customers in meeting business goals. Our project management and software development life cycle, and deliver measurable results for our customers.