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Pantheon Global Services Organization specializes in providing a wide array of software development, consulting and support services. Our technical and business consulting services are organized as specific centers of excellence with exclusive focus on the respective technology solutions and toolsets. Pantheon Services holds primary vendor status with many of the Fortune 100 companies. Our service regions include North America, South America, Europe, South Asia, Asia Pacific and Australia.

Odyssey GRC

Govern Processes, Manage Risk and Measure Compliance Automatically

Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) helps organizations get to their goals with certainty and integrity. Adherence to control measures, and constantly measuring against the standards and procedures, reduces the unpleasant surprises that result when the members of that organization cut corners and rush results. Odyssey reduces the pain by securing resources, enforcing procedures, providing uniformity, and automating reporting.

Image highlighting Odyssey’s Security and Policy forms allow you to enter new user’s data once

Management Control, Access, and Mitigation

The first, front line of defense for GRC is management control over the vital resources and processes in the organization. Odyssey defines your users and access groups, and then locks down your system processes to only the right access groups. You build your workflows on top of authorizations so that everything that needs approval gets it before proceeding to the next step. It diligently monitors and protects your environments, configuration, code and content. DevOps toolchains implemented or overseen by Odyssey automate patching, backups, and code promotion to ensure your IT resources stay in the right state across your IT environments.

Image highlighting Odyssey reaches across multiple systems to show a complete list of a user’s accesses and permissions

Standards and Reporting

Different disciplines and areas of regulation each have their own standards, but the methods of supporting them are the same: define the standard, test against that standard, report on the results. Define your standards in Odyssey, whether it is completed paperwork or testing against comprehensive automated testing suites, and report automatically on the status and score against the tests. Define your remediation process and notifications within Odyssey, and turn the pain and the confusion of non-compliance into meaningful action.

Image highlighting active monitoring is necessary to ensure the integrity of the infrastructure

Independent Audit

You must provide full accountability that goes beyond “trust me” when you need to maintain standards. Odyssey logs everything. Nothing happens in or through Odyssey without accountability by requestors and approvers. You generate the majority of reports in moments, and it is easy to create custom reports that cater to the specific needs of your industry or organization. This all provides accurate reporting both upward and outward, meeting the needs of oversite boards and agencies, without forcing costly overhead on IT.

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