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Pantheon Global Services Organization specializes in providing a wide array of software development, consulting and support services. Our technical and business consulting services are organized as specific centers of excellence with exclusive focus on the respective technology solutions and toolsets. Pantheon Services holds primary vendor status with many of the Fortune 100 companies. Our service regions include North America, South America, Europe, South Asia, Asia Pacific and Australia.

Products - Customer Focused Practices

Customer Focused Practices

Every project is mission critical to our customers, and we believe that keeping the customer informed every step of the way is primary to achieving the right results for the customer. To this end, we provide insight into the project by providing access to various project resources responsible for the execution of our customer’s work. Our customers have access to a Customer Connector Portal and are provided with:

  • Access to project plans, status, benchmark reports and documentation
  • Access to Pantheon project resources responsible for your work
  • Ability to participate in testing and recording issues, problems and enhancements
  • Ability to access project QA environment, QA reports and performance benchmarks
  • A forum to access white papers and other related project documents
  • Project discussion group

Our development practices provides transparency in the entire software development and management process and benefits the customer in the following:

  • High quality solutions
  • Faster delivery of solutions
  • Complete visibility to project progress and documents, eliminating project uncertainties
  • Ability to intercept problems early on in the development process
  • A forum to access white papers and other related project documents
  • Maintainable solutions

Corporate Philisophy

Corporate Philisophy

Pantheon has a culture of adherence to the highest ethical standards and business behavior.

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Public Sector Services

Public sector services

Our public sector services are targeted at supporting federal, state and local government a gencies with the development and implementation of high performance, mission critical software systems.

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