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Pantheon Global Services Organization specializes in providing a wide array of software development, consulting and support services. Our technical and business consulting services are organized as specific centers of excellence with exclusive focus on the respective technology solutions and toolsets. Pantheon Services holds primary vendor status with many of the Fortune 100 companies. Our service regions include North America, South America, Europe, South Asia, Asia Pacific and Australia.

Features & Benefits

Odyssey Workflow Automation Platform

Odyssey is a comprehensive Digital Automation Platform that ties together your organization’s existing IT infrastructure to achieve savings in time and resources.

Odyssey has automated such diverse activities as: change management, knowledge management; automated disaster recovery; security, control and auditing; compliance, governance and reporting; build and deployment management. Whether deploying configuration changes to a thousand servers or simplifying the paperwork, Odyssey will help you get to your solution more quickly and economically than custom application development.

Customers in such diverse areas as finance and banking, energy and utilities, pharmaceutical and healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications, both in the private and public sectors have benefited from Odyssey’s power. Will your organization?

Image highlighting Odyssey's ability to integrate systems.


Plug-Ins for the World of Information Technology and Business Solutions

Odyssey’s Task Agents internalize the complexity of interfacing with the external systems when automating workflows.

With over 300 task agents for the OS, database, and application layers, your organization does not have to overhaul your entire IT environment to see the benefits of workflow automation.

Image highlighting Odysseys no code solution.


Why Custom Code when You Can Just Make it Work?

Odyssey manages installation, integration and operations centrally. Menu-driven administration, and drag-and-drop form design, and wizard-based workflow design minimizes or eliminates the need for custom code.

Image highlighting Odyssey's ability to model, test, edit and implement workflows


Get the Technology You Already Have Working Together

Odyssey’s ability to model and test a workflow at any juncture simplifies the entire process. You decide to leave room for human input and approval, or automate entire processes. Make changes to workflows in minutes, not months. When you have all of your systems working together in ways never before possible, tailored for your needs, it’s like having a suite of custom apps at your fingertips.

Image highlighting Odyssey's built in  WYSIWYG web and form designer


Where the Users Take Control

Odyssey’s built-in web form designer allows your organization to create powerful forms and reports in a fraction of the time it takes conventional web application development, and it requires no additional coding to turn user input into actionable data for your workflows and automation. The intuitive drag and drop interface makes editing a breeze.

Image highlighting Odyssey's Dashboard user interface


Everything that your Users need. No less. No more.

Odyssey provides a simple, intuitive dashboard for anything that requires your organization’s attention. The forms and reports they need are right at their fingertips, and what they see can be decided by the role they play in your organization.

Image highlighting Odyssey's security model


Never Compromise Security for Functionality

Odyssey’s user access model keeps the check and balances in place and system integrity intact. Whether it is information or system access, Odyssey will help your organization lock it down to the right people and maintain security, accountability, and auditing compliance.

Image highlighting Odyssey's role in workflow automation and cloud computing management


One Server Room is Not Enough for Your World

The cloud is no challenge for Odyssey – it is designed from the ground-up to interface and orchestrate across platform, host, and network boundaries.

Image  highlighting Odyssey's role in workflow automation and mobile applications


The World Doesn’t Stop When You’re On the Road

Odyssey’s low-bandwidth, user-easy approach makes it simple to do your day-to-day business on large or small devices, without developing multiple versions of the forms and workflows.

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